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1. The courses must be paid in full before starting the class.

2. The Training Center has the following payment options: cash, bank transfer, checks, if done with checks and these are without funds, the surcharge is 35 dollars.

3. No refund is made once the student has registered.

4. The cost of copying a new card due to loss is $ 70.

5. The costs of the courses taught by the Center include the card, if they need to unify it has a cost of $ 70 dollars if necessary.

6. The rescheduling of a class by the student has a cost of $ 50 dollars, except for presenting a medical disability.

7. All payments by credit or debit card have a charge of 4% for the value of the transaction.


1The student must register with their full name as it appears on their ID.

2The registered name must match the identification provided in the admission process and likewise must be spelled correctly in the daily attendance. We are not responsible for any spelling errors at the time of your registration; If an error occurs, the student would assume the costs and delays for the new issue.

3As Official Identification to register, you can present:

  • Identification of the city of residence – Passport of your country of origin

  • Identification of your country of origin – Consular registry

4The student must attend classes for the required hours, they are face-to-face hours, and the corresponding card will not be issued for not completing the course.

5. Must attend class on time, after a 15 minute delay, you will not be admitted to class.

6. It is not allowed the entry of people in a state of intoxication or under the influence of hallucinogens and / or psychoactive substances.

7. Failure to attend the class with prior notice may lead to a rescheduling generating an additional cost of $ 35 and to conclude, the rescheduling time may not exceed the next 30 days to complete it.

8. It is the student’s duty to check before enrolling if his company or workplace accepts the certificate delivered at the end of the course, if it is useful to work while the card arrives, we are not responsible for not being accepted.

9. Accreditation cards must be claimed within 90 days.

10. The OSHA card is a Federal document. The DOB (Department of Buildings) card is State, they are official documents that can be withdrawn for improper use as a loan. Its misuse can generate legal situations. These are non-transferable cards.

11. 7 Safety Training LLC reserves the right to change times and places before the start of the class, when there is no established quota for the course, these changes will be informed in advance to the student.


“7 Safety Training LLC. is a Training Center Continues committed to promoting an education with equity, inclusion, respect for diversity and equal opportunities, we promote that in our recruitment, hiring and during the training process there will be no discrimination due to what is stipulated and supported in the Civil Rights Act and State and Federal laws We prohibit all types of discrimination in terms of: gender, age, culture, skin color, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, nationality, military status, immigration status, disability, homelessness, language, ideology or opinion, politics, union union, personal appearance ”.

All students and staff of the Training Center have equal access to admission to the Organization, training, curricular activities and any other activity related to training.




To reserve a spot is required a non-refundable deposit of 25% (minimum) of the total course fee at the time of registration. Unless otherwise noted, course fees include the cost of all materials and certifications in the class. Discounted rates are available for group enrollments of the same date and course, paid in full at the beginning or end of the course. Full payment is required before the issuance of all certifications.
When authorized by 7 Safety Training LLC rates may be transferred to future classes. Still, NOT to another student. 7 Safety Training LLC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course date for any reason, including the incomplete quota of the course. In such cases, the deposit may be refunded or applied until the next available training date.


7 Safety Training LLC does not refunds after the student or the company has registered the student. However, the student can use the deposit for a future class. If the student needs to defer the course, it must send us an email or a written statement to info@7safetyny.com

  • If a student does not attend one of the courses without providing cancellation notice at least 3 business days ahead, 7 Safety Training LLC will only grant the student credit for the full payment that will remain valid for the next 6 months.
  • Debit/Credit Card Refund: it will be returned to the same card.
  • For check, money order and cash payments, the refund will be issued in the form of a check.
  • Payment returned made by check will have a charge of $35 USD.
  • If a customer reschedules a course that they did not originally attend and still does not attend the rescheduled date, 7 Safety Training LLC will withhold 25% of the payment. The balance will remain as a credit to be used for the next 6 months.
  • 7 Safety Training LLC will NOT accept refund requests from students who do not understand the course’s language unless they provide a notification with a minimum of 3 business days ahead. Ineligible refunds will remain as a credit on file for future training.
  • Refunds will not be issued after 60 days from the original transaction’s date. Customers requesting a refund after the 60-day period will only receive a credit that will remain active 6 months.
  • Besides, ALL students must provide an ID card at training sessions. The absence of an ID card can result in a delay in the completion of your course.

Submit the registration forms through: Email: info@7safetyny.com

In-person: The office is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Address 67-21 Roosevelt Avenue, Woodside, NY 11377
Be sure to fill the student information form and read the policies in agreement.


Cancellations and/or rescheduling requests must be sent by email to info@7safetyny.com  or by fax to 929-296-0028.

The student is responsible for ensuring that 7 Safety Training receives its request. The student must cancel a minimum of three (3) business days before the course starts to receive a full refund.


7 Safety Training LLC reserves the right to deny entry or services to anyone who:
Have a fever of 100.4° F or higher, or shows signs of COVID-19 such as:
– Cough.
– Congestion or runny nose.
– Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
– Muscle or body aches.

In such cases, 7 Safety Training LLC will offer the student these options:
An opportunity to reschedule the next available class with a medical authorization (doctor’s note),
Or, the first-class available 14 days after the admission denial.
The credit will remain valid for a period of up to one year.
*No refunds will be granted; please refer to the policies below for refund requirements.


Refunds must be verbally requested three days before the start of any class and must be followed by a written request within 30 days. 7 Safety Training LLC will process only written requests.
The request would not be eligible for a refund if the student sent it less than three business days before starting any class, including last-minute enrollments/cancellations made by students within three days of the class start date.
7 Safety Training LLC will return the payment to the original card (debit/credit) used for the inscription; Returns to debit/credit cards can be processed up to 90 days after the original payment date. All other forms of eligible refunds are made by check.
For all duplicates: OSHA cards, certificates, other course materials are not eligible for a refund.


All the DENIED refunds could be used in the next 6 months from the initial payment date. Credit notes are
available upon request.


7 Safety Training LLC may cancel class attendance due to adverse weather situations, New York City or county regulations, or if the assigned teacher is not in a healthy form. If a training course is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the student is entitled to a full refund.
If the student does not attend training and does not notify staff members, the student must abide by the policies of the institution. The student can reschedule this course once, without penalty.
The student who did not attend rescheduled training without notifying staff members will lose 25% of the original payment. The rest of the initial payment for the course can be refunded on request or used in the next 6 months from the original payment date.
The student must be sure that 7 Safety Training LLC received his written request. The refund request form’s system processing may take 7-10 business days for all approved and eligible refunds. Reimbursement delays are subject to the policies of each bank entity.
7 Safety Training LLC may reissue a course completion certificate, a certificate, the OSHA card, or other training cards if it is necessary. To reissue a duplicate certificate or course completion card, the student must first verify his attendance and successful completion of our training program. Once The student got the certificate of completion, or the OSHA card MUST present a photo ID.
If the student wants to request a duplicate certificate or course completion card, complete the duplicate
application form and send it to our office by fax, email or in-person. Full payment must be received to process your duplicate request.
$20 dollars for duplicate certificate requests.
$70 dollars for duplicate termination card requests.