“7 Safety Training LLC” is a Continuous Training Center in constant adaptation to quality processes, methodologies and current technologies. A company that cares about the Health and Safety of all its support staff and each of the users who have our training services. Our processes and procedures are framed in respect for the Environment. We project our students to grow, improve and contribute to the economy in the General Industry and Construction sectors.
“7 Safety Training LLC” has a professional team with knowledge and experience to provide training in the different areas of the General Industry and Construction, so that our students enhance their knowledge by being more competent by minimizing the risks of accidents inside and outside their family and work environments; Our essential task is to help the personal self-care of workers, in their family and work environment, as well as reduce financial costs related to workplace accidents in the workplace.


7 Safety Training LLC is a Continuing Education Training Center for Adults, created to train personnel from Industry in general and Construction, in the areas of occupational health and safety, among others.

It has a Pedagogical Proposal framed in the comprehensive training of workers and provides the necessary knowledge for job performance in these areas. We are governed in accordance with the Education Laws that regulate its exercise at the State and Federal level, contributing to the training of responsible people, individually and collectively and with a high projection in the labor insertion, contributing in the care and prevention of risks.


7 Safety Training LLC is an Adult Continuing Education Training Center that will lead the training processes at the Local and Federal level to ensure that work performance in Construction and Industry in General is safe and individual and collective care prevail in its work environment.


Under the laws of the United States of America and the New York State Community, each student has the right to receive the type of education that leads him to become an informed and educated worker. 7 Safety Training must protect all their students’ entitlement for receiving an equal opportunity for education, independent of their gender, identity, religion, race, colour, age, or disability. 7 Safety Training enforces regulations and policies to protect the rights of all students.

All members of the 7 Safety Training community are required to comply with the regulations to make use of their rights, as set out in the code of conduct. A fundamental responsibility and part of the educational process for all those who enjoy citizenship rights are to respect the community’s laws and the rights of other members of that community.


The 7 Safety Training mission is to reeducate construction workers, for whom labour situations did not allow them to join the traditional education system. 7 Safety Training gives them proper certification, with clear and articulated goals and guiding them in a plan to find work after completing the training. 7 Safety Training will provide an environment that promotes active student communication and supportive relationships.


7 Safety Training is committed to educating the student through a curriculum that complements students’ individual needs. Students will achieve academic skills to empower their lives to reach their future goals. We are dedicated to working with our students to guide them to become problem-solving and
resilient people.

Our graduates will have more skills in their work environment, identify and act in the face of daily workplace hazards and problems, respectful of diversity and productive community members.


We believe in a flexible system in which we consider our students as learning peers. We embrace the concept of continuous change and work together to innovate in education and solving complex problems.

Support Relationships

We believe that supportive relationships in the educational field are the foundation of a strong culture and an inclusive learning community. We achieve this by creating an environment of welcome for all by building
empathy, mutual respect, collaboration and open and honest communication. We take risks, learn from each other, and look at mistakes as an opportunity for continued growth.

Perseverance and Resilience

We believe that when we work hard, we get smarter. Continuous personal growth requires effort, willingness to take risks, manage and adapt to
adversity and face obstacles with confidence and purpose. We achieve this through a shared commitment to creating problem-solving, critical thinking, and a strong belief in the growth mindset.

Civic and Social Responsibility

We believe in the importance of returning to our communities through honest work to develop all. We will achieve this by being active participants in our society, with ethical behaviour, being responsible, and demonstrating appreciation and respect for diversity.


Electronic Devices Cell phones, iPods, music recorders, portable video sets Cameras, and other recreational and communication devices must be turned off and not in use when students are in class. When students refuse to obey may be assigned an adequate suspension.

Clothing and Personal Appearance

Students should dress in a way that does not interfere with their health or safety, does not distract them from the educational process, and does not interfere with the health and safety of their classmates.

Using the Phone

Students must have the phone silent if they find themselves texting; they will be removed from class.